Tuesday, 6 September 2016

In Which I Track My Awful Spending - DAY 1 (Monday)

This week, I have decided to document my spending, a la Refinery29’s Money Diaries. Because a) I find it super interesting, and b) I did a lot of paying back the money I owe people last night and now I’m poor and it’s only the 5th day of the month. Will this guilt me into spending less? I think we can all agree that no. It will not.

I don’t at all want to copy them, so if you’re super interested, check out an example of Refinery 29’s much better and honest version HERE

Slight caveat, I’m on expenses during the week atm, which means £5 towards lunch, and up to £30 is reiumbursable for an evening meal. I obviously wouldn’t eat out twice a day if I was on a London based project. Absolute first world problem, but try staying thin when the gastronomic world is your oyster. TRY IT.
Day 1 - Monday 5th of September
Day 1 begins with me pretentiously sipping a cold brew from a glass bottle on the DLR to City Airport. It’s 6:30am. I bought this yesterday so it doesn’t really count. But my DLR fare is £1.50. I don’t actually remember how much the cold brew cost anyway; I bought it on an over-excited whim. The queue for The Breakfast Club was about 800 miles long yesterday, so I went and got us all takeaway coffees for the wait. Then spotted this gem.

I’ve only started eating breakfast in the last month. I usually skipped it because it meant getting up earlier and I love sleep. But one week day hangover too many led me down into the hotel restaurant and its included in what we pay anyway so WHY NOT. A 4 pound weight gain, that’s why not. When you have to eat in restaurants every night (woe is me) those extra 500 calories are precious. No more mushroom and extra cheese omelettes for me.

8:25am. The food trolley on the plane comes round. Yes I did just say I wasn’t having breakfast this week. Fight me. They announced at the beginning of the flight that they’ve added some extra passengers last minute so they apologise if they run out of breakfasts. I’m not sure why they bothered bringing this up, as they run out of breakfasts in 5 minutes on a standard day anyway. If you’re not at the front of plane, vegetarian or healthy breakfasts just ain’t happening. Anyway, I’ve opted for the ‘healthy option’ which consists of a raspberry yoghurt, some melon and grapes and some orange juice. And then a tea. This doesn’t cost anything. Thanks, BA.

9:30am I’ve landed in Edinburgh now so pop into WH Smiths in the airport for some water and painkillers because I have a headache. I then decide I’m still hungry and buy 3 Trek peanut power bars for the week. Eat one now. £7.23. Return tram fare from airport to the office is £8.50.

12:30 Took a walk to Pret because I was in the mood for some autumny soup, but all they had was tomato which is dull so back to the office canteen I went and grabbed a banana, a yoghurt and a make your own salad, which tbf is excellent. And all came to £4.25.

15:30 - my coffee cravings lead me to run across the road to Caffe Nero for my staple soya black currant latte. The staff always look at me like I’m unhinged, but I introduced someone to it last week and she loved it so ITS GREAT. Anyway, my stamp card was full so this cost zero. Then went back upstairs and was greeted with delicious sweets to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu festival. Celebrations and traditional Indian sweets. Free sugar.

19:45 - after desperately trying to burn off all the crap I ate earlier in the gym, I completely cancel it all out and decide to carb up with a veggie burrito bowl with gauc and cheese. And a Diet Coke for good measure. That comes to £7.50.

All in all, not BAD. But it has been a boring, lazy day.
Monday total - £28.98


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