Sunday, 11 September 2016

Day 5 - Friday

Waking up at home this morning. Breakfast is overnight oats that I prepared last night with yogurt, chia seeds and milled linseed. I have a doctors appointment at 10 and I've missed the last TWO so today I am fucking going. And giving myself an hour to get there in case anything else goes wrong. Fate does not want me to start CBT.

9:40 - I spend a stupid amount of money in London, so prepare yourselves. I’m stressed now about this appointment so I fall into protein Haus at buy a Lean Pb smoothie and a caramel carb killa bar - £7.50. I actually prefer the Kr├╝ger version of this smoothie because it’s super thick and has a zillion times more peanut butter in. But is obviously far worse for you. Maybe tomorrow. My bus there is £1.50.

11:20 - I’m in a rush to get back to work things now so after another £1.50 on the bus back, I hop on the dlr for a few stops instead of walking the remainder of the way home. Another £1.50. I think.

11:30 - I don’t actually have any food in the fridge, other than Philadelphia and Fever Tree tonic water which won’t really make a meal, so I go to tesco and spend £15.12 on food. Mainly salad stuff, and some feta. Oh and some pine nuts. Just realised I forgot to add those to my lunch. Oh well.

14:45 - I get into the office to catch up with some people. We usually work from home on Fridays, but obviously you can go in if you want to. I meet a friend in Caffe Nero and get a £3.25 frappe latte because this office is hotter than the surface of the sun.

17:30 - meet friends in a bar next door for catch up drinks. By a double G&T and it comes to £5.55 so I'm slightly baffled. This is LONDON. Turns out its happy hour until 8, and you can get 2 cocktails for £8.50. So I also do that twice. 3 for me, one for someone who I inevitably owe money to

9:30 - we then go for some food, more drinks and some bizarre karaoke where they give you your own sound proof room. Which was definitely needed. God I need to save money next week. We spent £20 on food and a cocktail each, and afterwards I transferred my friend another £20 for the karaoke and our fish bowl cocktails. £40 in total, and got the tube home. I'm going to keep saying £1.50 coz I have no clue how much it costs. I nearly had to spend money on a hostel because when I finally got home at about half 12, the power had gone off on our whole street. Obviously my key fob didn't work because the gates are electric, so i just pathetically shook the gate until a stranger walked past, got talking to me, and helped me break in. Nice man. Who now knows how to break into my building.

Anyway. This is bad. I'm shopping at Iceland next week.

Friday total - £95.92

Fuck. Also Saturday was. worse. This is actually really helping shame me into budgeting.


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