Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 3: Wednesday

I had 5 hours sleep last night which, for me, is a Bad Thing, so I will definitely be the boringest human alive today. My manager finds it absolutely hilarious that I will happily watch the Bake Off in bed on my own with some tea but.. I see no problem with this. My breakfast is the same as yesterday, plus a spoonful of jam. They’ve sat me next to the pastry table this morning, so this requires some incredible restraint. I want a croissant, but instead I grab a banana for my bag. All free.
And a mini chocolate twist. Fuck it, it’s hump day.

09:37 - I’m already munching through my trek bar, when I get an instant message from a colleague downstairs offering me a white chocolate and raspberry cookie. They are my FAVOURITE, so I practically run down the stairs. 

13:00 Unsurprisingly I’m not that hungry, so lunch today involves another wander. I cashed in some of my work performance points for a £50 Amazon voucher, so while that’s pending, I need to do some live book research in waterstones. Although this was technically free, I will get taxed on it at the end of the month. To my list i've added:

  • His Bloody Projects - Graeme Macrae Burnet
  • The Dog who Dared to Dream - Sun-Mi Hwang
  • All This Has Nothing to Do with Me - Monica Sabola
  • Grief is a Thing with Feathers - Max Porter

In terms of actual money spend, lunch was a £3.50 Pret soup (vegetable tagine, such a winner) and an 80p Fage yoghurt from Sainsburys. I also picked up some effervescent vitamin c tablets in Sainsburys because I’ve run out and i keep forgetting that the tesco one are seriously sub par. They were £1.10 so, all in all, £5.40.

4:45 - today is a serious fat day. I go and buy some Quavers to eat while I sit down and tackle our office seating plan. They temporarily got stuck in the vending machine which was almost DISASTROUS, but a man saved me. They were 70p.

8pm - even though i've stuffed my face today, I make the tactical decision to prioritise napping over exercise. I then haul myself back up for another meal out. This time it was Moroccan, so relatively healthy I guess, but I did eat approximately 10 tonnes of rice. Someone else picked up then bill again, to expense for us all. My phone died before I could take a picture, but it really was spectacular. 10/10 would eat again. I did miss the Bake Off, but we win some, we lose some.

I bought a tea earlier too.. think that was £1.20

Wednesday total: £7.30


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